The Shop


The shop is a shared workspace. An 1800 square foot refuge for makers and tinkerers who've grown out of their garages and laundry rooms. We offer dedicated and transient workspace to artists, hobbyists, and small business owners. Our members enjoy a large indoor and outdoor workspace, secure storage for their equipment, and an inspiring community of do'ers to work alongside.

  • Dog friendly (fenced in back yard)
  • Commercial internet speeds
  • 110 & 220 volt power
  • A dedicated workbench and ~200 sq. ft. space to work.
  • Very powerful heating for the cold months
  • Dedicated bathroom that is cleaned regularly
  • Access to the Shop Kitchen
  • Outdoor workspace with and lounging area
  • Dedicated and secure parking

The Office


We have 450 square feet of shared office space broken up to into 5 workspaces. Freelancers, remote workers, artists, or small business owners who need a quiet place to work that isn't home or a coffeeshop will want to check it out. It's a well lit, distraction free place to work in downtown Durham with dedicated parking and a kitchen to re-heat your lunch.

  • Dog friendly
  • Commercial internet speeds
  • Dedicated desk space and power strip
  • Access to the Shop Kitchen
  • Dedicated and secure parking
  • Hot heat, cold air, and great airflow
  • Flooded with natural light

Membership Options

Additionally, we occasionally can accommodate other space requirements if yours are greater or smaller than the memberships listed above. If so please reach out via the form below.

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